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MARVIN KEYSER (Chapter 9 Past President) - Awarded "Mended Heart of the Year - 2012"
by Bob Lincoln, Chapter 9 Secretary, Convention Official Photographer, & Attendee

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Gus Littlefield,
MH President &
Marvin Keyser (5/20/12).
Gus Littlefield,
MH President &
Marvin Keyser (5/20/12).
Marvin Keyser
At the lectern - (5/20/12).

At the 2012 60th Annual National Mended Hearts Convention, Marvin Keyser, the Convention Co-Chair, was presented with the prestigous "Mended Heart of the Year" award by Mended Hearts National President, Gus Littlefield. Marvin was absolutely stunned to the point where he could not speak. He had to be helped to the stage to accept the award, and did so with a tear in his eye, to an overall standing ovation from the audience.

When asked to return to the stage to say a few words, he got back to the lectern, but only managed a "Thank You!!" A little birdie told me that the complete convention staff knew in advance about the award, but, all were closed lipped, and never said a word to him. It was a the most closely guarded secret of the convention. He was truly SURPRISED!!!

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