Mended Hearts
Chapter 9 - Greater Hartford, CT
It's Great to be Alive - and to help Others


Awarded to Bob Lincoln & Joan Gervais

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John Dunn, Chapter 9 President
Joan Gervais & Bob Lincoln
at 35th Anniversary Banquet (6/13/12).

At the Mended Hearts Chapter 9 - 35th Anniversary Banquet, Chapter President, John Dunn, presented the prestigous "Chapter Visitors of the Year" award to Hartford Hospital Visitors, Joan Gervais & her husband, Chapter Secretary, Bob Lincoln. Between them, they had accounted for slightly above 40% of all the Hartford Hospital cardiac surgical and Cath Lab visits.

When asked to say a few words, Bob was handed the microphone, but only managed a few words..."You're probably wondering why I called this meeting. Well, in 10,000 ill-chosen words, or less, I'll simply say "Thank You!!" The assemblage applauded.

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